Day Sponsor

Looking for a way to celebrate a special day in your life?
Or perhaps a loved ones life?

Dedicate a day to acknowledge this special event or special person in your life. Your dedication message will be played on the air 8 times on the date you choose.

Your dedication message can be used to celebrate:

- Anniversaries
- Birthdays
- Congratulations
- Graduations
- Retirements
...or any day that's special to you.

A Day Sponsor is a unique way to show your support for this ministry. With your donation of $300, you can be a Day Sponsor (or for $150 for a Half-Day) and have your message played 8 times on the day of your choice. It also helps support this ministry and the programming you enjoy here on 91.7 KBNJ.

Who can be a Day Sponsor?.

- Day Sponsors can be individuals or non-profit organizations.
- Day Sponsor messages must be personal in nature.
- Day Sponsor messages cannot be used for promotional purposes.
- Preferred dates are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


Support for today's programming on 91.7 KBNJ is made possible in part by _________ , celebrating their wedding anniversary and the gift of a happy life together.

Support for today's programming on 91.7 KBNJ is made possible in part by _________ , in memory of his father. His spirit continues to live on in the memories of all his loved ones

For more information about our day sponsor program please fill out the form bellow.

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